Terpenes: Prized & Potent

A Surefire Sign of Quality   When it comes to choosing a cannabis product, there’s more to consider than just THC and CBD levels. The terpene content can also have a great impact on your overall experience. Terpenes are how each plant shows us what it’s made of.   Terpenes are organic compounds present in… Continue reading Terpenes: Prized & Potent

How Premium Flower Comes to Be

A Masterful Touch The cannabis plant produces more than four hundred chemical compounds, at least 120 of which are classified as cannabinoids. But when it comes to effects on the user, the star of the show has always been THC (delta-9- tetrahydrocannabinol.) THC content can make or break a smoking experience, and not all buds… Continue reading How Premium Flower Comes to Be